We take our many responsibilities very seriously.
Our customers, employees and our chosen charities deserve the best support we can give them.

Employee Development

Our workforce is the key to our ongoing success. We support them towards their personal and professional goals through our ‘Spectrum First’ employee development strategy. This can take many forms including our management training scheme and specialist skills training among others.

Charity Partnerships

We work closely with our selected charity partners to aid them in improving the lives of those they support. To find out more, please visit our charity page.

Environmental Policies

In order to reduce our environmental footprint we have developed a number of strategies including fully recyclable packaging, mercury free cells and reducing waste. Discover more on our environmental policy page.

Recognising excellence

Since it was launched in 2006 we have been a key participant in the Audiologist of the Year competition, in which consumers nominate audiologists who they think are deserving of the title. Visit the Audiologist of the Year website to find out more.