Rayovac are committed to a cleaner future

Maintaining a clean environment and conserving our natural resources are important issues that affect us all. The individual parts we play are critical to preserving our natural resources.

At Rayovac we are reducing our consumption of resources and reusing assets where possible. We dispose of resources intelligently, recycling those that can be utilised in a different form. This is an area in which we constantly seek to improve and our search for new ways to preserve the environment is continuous.

Rayovac has developed a host of environmentally friendly policies, from mercury free hearing aid batteries to comprehensive recycling programs. On top of these efforts, we seek to further reduce our energy consumption wherever possible, aiming to minimise our emissions and impact on the climate even further. Our cleaner production and strategies for reducing waste and emissions are ISO 14001 accredited.

We have done a great deal towards these aims, such as our mercury-free cells, our 100% recyclable plastic packaging is 100% and the use of recycled cardboard packaging. However with new technology comes new opportunities, and we continually revise our policies to further reduce our impact. At Rayovac we are proud of our history of innovation, and we strive to bring the same advances to our environmental impact as we have to hearing technology.

For more information, please read the Spectrum Brands Environmental Statement